Rachel Hartman

Ages 12-16

This series is amazing. It is full of wisdom about equality and finding your place, and it is a very exciting book. The first book is called Seraphina, and the second is called Shadow Scale. There is also a third one that focuses on Seraphina’s stepsister, but I would not recommend it for anyone younger than 16. Seraphina is about a medieval world populated by dragons who can disguise themselves as humans. It is kind of complicated, but very interesting. I would recommend this book to fans of Eragon or other dragon books.

The Treehouse Series

Andy Griffiths and terry Denton

Ages 6-10

This is sort of for younger readers but it still makes me laugh! A younger reading level and crude humor, but funny nonetheless. (Not crude in an inappropriate way, just crude in a explosions and other dumb stuff way.) This story is about 2 kids who live in a treehouse, and every book they add another 13 stories. I remember loving this book in 2nd grade, and I still do now.