The Lunar Chronicles

By Marissa Meyer

This amazing series takes place in the very distant future, where humans have colonized the moon, but that came with a price… the humans living on the moon, or “Lunars” have developed mutations. Lunars can now manipulate the minds of “Earthens,” and many have been abusing that ability. Will Cinder and her friends be able to stop Queen Levana before it’s too late? This series goes along very well with the plotlines of stories such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Snow White. It amazes me to see how well Marissa Meyer can integrate that fairy tale element into her awesome series.

Percy Jackson

By Rick Riordan

An awesome series written by the storyteller of the gods, Percy Jackson is the story of the son of Posiedon who knows nothing of the Greek background he came from. Soon he is tasked with saving the world from evil beings of the Greek myths. Will the world end? Find out in Percy Jackson. There is another series after this one called The Heroes of Olympus about Roman gods and goddesses.