Lockwood & Co

Book One (American cover, I think)

By Jonathan Stroud

“When the dead come back to haunt the living, Lockwood & Co. step in . . . For more than fifty years, the country has been affected by a horrifying epidemic of ghosts. A number of Psychic Investigations Agencies have sprung up to destroy the dangerous apparitions. Lucy Carlyle, a talented young agent, arrives in London hoping for a notable career. Instead she finds herself joining the smallest, most ramshackle agency in the city, run by the charismatic Anthony Lockwood. When one of their cases goes horribly wrong, Lockwood & Co. have one last chance of redemption. Unfortunately this involves spending the night in one of the most haunted houses in England, and trying to escape alive. Set in a city stalked by specters, The Screaming Staircase is the first in a chilling new series full of suspense, humor and truly terrifying ghosts. Your nights will never be the same again . . .” -Official summary Continue reading “Lockwood & Co”

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

By Suzanne Collins

Overview: This prequel was really fun to read, even if I wasn’t captivated by all of the characters. Coriolanus is just so deliciously murderous and controlling. His imminent sanity break was obvious the whole time, and every time he did something sneaky I was just thinking, There’s the President Snow we all love to hate. Probably best for kids ages twelve and up. Same amount of violence and blood, definitely a couple of graphic scenes. (I mean, this is a Hunger Games prequel, what do you expect?) I think there were a couple bad words, but nothing too bad. Continue reading “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes”

An Enchantment of Ravens

By Margaret Rogerson

Overview: I thought this book was really sweet and fun, a little more fluff than was probably necessary, but otherwise it was really good. I loved it, and I’m sure you will too! It was super creative and a fantastically suspenseful book! Kids ages 13 and up will love. Content is kind of high and the faerie political stuff might be hard for younger kids to understand. Continue reading “An Enchantment of Ravens”


Book One

By Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner

Overview: Overall, it was a really fun read! There was a lot of action and suspense, and it was a really creative idea. It even got philosophical, and there are a bunch of deep thoughts from these characters that will probably hit you right in the feels. I give it five stars! There were a couple parts that got a little slow, however. Those were hard to trudge through, but the plot sped up again quickly! I’d recommend it to kids ages 14 and up. Content level and reading level are both pretty high. Continue reading “Unearthed”

Watch Us Rise

By Renee Watson and Ellen Hagan

Overview: I got this book and finished it within about two hours. It was so captivating to read, especially the Write Like a Girl blog posts and poems. I am crazy in love with these poems, too. They are super relatable and moving. I have never been so moved by a book in my life! I would recommend this to kids ages 13and up. I would love for younger kids to read it, but the content level is a little higher. Continue reading “Watch Us Rise”

The Hunger Games

Book One

By Suzanne Collins

Overview: The first book in this series is amazing! It’s super suspenseful and exciting, very entertaining! This book would definitely be better for people ages 13 and up. If you’ve heard of this before, you know that the premise is very violent so expect a lot of blood and violent content. Just be prepare if you are squeamish at all! Continue reading “The Hunger Games”

I Am Princess X

By Cherie Priest

Overview: The mystery was so well written, and I was glued to my seat the whole time! The characters and relationships were well-written, and the art was so beautiful that now I want a full Princess X comic book! This book is great for kids twelve and up. It’s kind of a murder mystery, but other than that everything should be okay for younger readers if they are advanced. Continue reading “I Am Princess X”

Six of Crows

By Leigh Bardugo

Book One

Overview: The grishaverse is a really rich world, where no detail is spared and everything feels so realistically described! The heist is really well-planned, and everything was so well paced and excited! The characters were all so realistic, and they all grew and changed over the course of the story. I would recommend this to people ages 14-17. The content level is definitely for older kids, along with the reading level. Continue reading “Six of Crows”

Spill Zone

By Scott Westerfield and Alex Puvilland

Book One Cover

Overview: This graphic novel is a really exciting adventure, not to mention a little creepy, but in a good way. I thought the illustrator did a good job rendering the creepiness, and the color choices were great, they really emphasized the whole radioactive feel. Grades seven and up would like this book. There are a few bad words and ghost-like things and mutants and such, but otherwise it’s okay content wise. Continue reading “Spill Zone”