By Marissa Meyer

Book One Cover

Plot: Nova Artino has hated the Renegades, a group of superheroes that is the governing power in her world, ever since they didn’t show up to save her family many years ago. Now she is bent on revenge as she infiltrates the Renegades in order to bring them down from the inside. Once initiated, she finds herself making friends and more and wonders which group is right or wrong.

Writing: Marissa Meyer has written yet another amazing book! Everything is described perfectly and the story is very creative. Her writing style doesn’t leave anything out, and it still feels relatable even as a superhero story.

Age Level: Young people ages 12-16 would enjoy reading this. It has an easy to read yet in depth writing style, but the interest level is definitely higher up with a little bit of romance mixed in if younger kids aren’t interested in that.

Overall: This series was fun to read and interesting to think about and decide for yourself who is the real bad guy.

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