Michael Vey

By Richard Paul Evans

Book One Cover

Plot: Michael Vey is just a normal kid… except for his very abnormal powers. Michael can “pulse” and send shock others with millions of volts. He keeps it a secret until he meets Taylor Ridley, a girl with powers like his. One day, Taylor and Michael’s mom get kidnapped by a corrupted company bent on world domination. Will he be able to stop them? Continue reading “Michael Vey”

The Rithmatist

By Brandon Sanderson

Plot: Joel has alwasy wanted to be a Rithmatist, one of the wizard-like people who can use chalk to draw fortifications and weapons used to battle wild chalk-creatures. Joel has taught himself so much about the Rithmatic brand of magic, he knows that he probably knows and cares a whole lot more than the people who have the abilty! When Joel finally becomes an assistant under a great Rithmatist, he finds himself helping to unravel a plot that could mean the end or many great Rithmatics users. Continue reading “The Rithmatist”

Challenger Deep

By Neal Shusterman

Plot: Caden Bosch is a 15 year old kid who is slowly descending deeper into mental illness. He has lost his grip on reality, in two places at once. Sometimes he is visiting a pirate ship heading to the deepest part of the ocean, and sometimes he is participating in the real world. Will he ever recover? Continue reading “Challenger Deep”

Pippa Park Raises Her Game

By Erin Yun

Plot: Pippa Park is a Korean American living a normal life. One day, she receives word that she had a chance to attend a prestigious private school on a basketball scholarship! She jumps at the chance to make new friends and ends ends up as one of the most popular girls at her new school. Unfortunately, her rich new friends don’t know who she truly is. Things start spiraling out of control when she attempts to hide the truth. Will she survive her new identity? Continue reading “Pippa Park Raises Her Game”


By Danielle Svetcov

Plot: Jeanne Ann has lived a hard life, but this time she is sure she has sunk to her lowest. After her single mom quits her job, the little family heads to San Francisco for a new beginning. Unfortunately, the city doesn’t turn out to be everything Jeanne Ann and her mom had hoped for. Luckily, Jeanne Ann meets a new friend who is willing to help them through poverty even if Jeanne Ann won’t accept his help. Continue reading “Parked”


By Christopher Paolini

Book One Cover

Plot: Eragon is a lowly citizen in an obscure town. When he finds a shiny blue rock in the wild one day, he brings it home and discovers it is a dragon egg! Suddenly, he finds himself involved in a war to take back his oppressed country from an evil tyrant, with the help of his new dragon companion. Continue reading “Eragon”


By Rachel Hartman

Book One Cover

Plot: Seraphina is a normal girl… except for the fact that she is a halfblood, the spawn of a dragon and a human. Her society fears dragons and dragon look down on humans, but neither side feels much sympathy for half-bloods. When a rogue dragon infiltrates the royal court, Seraphina is the only one who can stop them. Continue reading “Seraphina”


By Marissa Meyer

Book One Cover

Plot: Nova Artino has hated the Renegades, a group of superheroes that is the governing power in her world, ever since they didn’t show up to save her family many years ago. Now she is bent on revenge as she infiltrates the Renegades in order to bring them down from the inside. Once initiated, she finds herself making friends and more and wonders which group is right or wrong. Continue reading “Renegades”

Keeper of the Lost Cities Legacy Tour! Shannon Messenger Author Talk

I had noticed that Legacy looked a lot shorter than Flashback, but Shannon started by reassuring the fans that Legacy is longer, they just changed around the font size a bit. The publishers were worried that if the binding had to get any bigger, it would snap!


After going to the Shannon Messenger Flashback author talk, I was really excited not only to go to this year’s tour but also to finally read book eight of this amazing series!

When I arrived at the place, I got to pick up the free signed book, (not personalized, it came with the purchase of a ticket) Then we got some swag and a raffle ticket.

Barnes&Noble Exclusive edition art!

We got front row seats again! We literally camped out for like an hour because we were so early, which was very exciting! I read the first 100 pages of Legacy by the time the event actually started! Continue reading “Keeper of the Lost Cities Legacy Tour! Shannon Messenger Author Talk”

Teen LitFest Renee Watson Author Talk

The author of many award winning books admitted that writing is definitely hard. it can be stressful even without a deadline to have to share your work if you aren’t sure it’s good enough. Renee’s advice for dealing with this anxiety is to put it on the “back burner.” Don’t think about it for a while. Then, you can go back and make it better.


Renee Watson has written many YA books, all celebrating diversity and individuality, family and friends, and loving yourself for who you are. Her books are beautiful and poetic, and I loved reading them. I was super excited to meet Renee Watson in person, and I was not disappointed!

Miss Watson has written award winning books like Piecing Me Together, Some Places More Than Others, Ways to Make Sunshine, This Side of Home, and What Momma Left Me. Continue reading “Teen LitFest Renee Watson Author Talk”