The Bone Witch

By Rin Chupeco

Overview: The Bone Witch is an amazing series involving fantastic worldbuilding and a creative plotline. Teens grades seven and up would enjoy this book. The writing wasn’t ever too complicated or hard to comprehend or read, but the content involves a lot of death and such that may not be very fun to read about for younger ages.

What’s it about? Tea lives on a small farm, dreaming of an unreachable goal: becoming an asha, a powerful, beloved position across the lands, restricted to women with magic. When Tea’s brother dies, she realizes she is a bone witch, a witch who specializes in raising the dead and using dark runes. After her raising her brother back to life, she is taken in by another bone witch. Soon, the fate of her world depends on her rare powers.

My thoughts: This book was suspenseful and fun to read, with twists in every chapter. Every other chapter there is a flash to the future of some sort, as if a future Tea is telling her story to someone else, but it is a little confusing to keep track of that story line and the main story line. Overall, I would recommend this series to fans of fantasy.

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