By Neal Shusterman

Book One Cover

Plot: Humanity has advanced to the point where healing is so easy that nobody ever dies. Of course, overpopulation quickly became a problem. The solution: Humans trained in the art of killing, used to kill off the excess immortals. But what happens when some of the scythes decide that they should have the ability to destroy a lot more of the population?

Writing: The writing is flowing yet entertaining. This future society is well-thought out. The author filled in every gap in the logic of this new world perfectly, and captured the human conscience’s folly very well. This book made me think, but it also had an interesting, exciting plot line. I was glad that the series continued!

Age Level: Persons ages 13-17 would love this book. The topics might be hard for younger kids to wrap their heads around, but they will entertain and occupy the brains of older kids. The book includes topics like murder.

Overall: This was just as amazing as the rest of Neal Shusterman’s books. Which is to say, really amazing! It was interestign to think about what society would be like in a world like the one in the Arc of a Scythe series. Go get this book!

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