The Rithmatist

By Brandon Sanderson

Plot: Joel has alwasy wanted to be a Rithmatist, one of the wizard-like people who can use chalk to draw fortifications and weapons used to battle wild chalk-creatures. Joel has taught himself so much about the Rithmatic brand of magic, he knows that he probably knows and cares a whole lot more than the people who have the abilty! When Joel finally becomes an assistant under a great Rithmatist, he finds himself helping to unravel a plot that could mean the end or many great Rithmatics users.

Writing: The plot was well planned out, and the mystery was hard to unravel, yet everything made sense at the end. The ins and outs of “Rithmatics” was “chalk” full- that was a pun there… because the Rithmatists use chalk for their magic- of intricate explanations. Sanderson thought of everything, and there were no gaps in his logic.

Age Level: The Rithmatist would be perfect for people ages 11-15. The reading level is low, but there are a few gross things and murder and such.

Overall: This is not a series, and usually books like this aren’t as good without a sequel or two, but I am happy to say that is not the case with this one. The story is perfect and ties up loose ends tightly. The book was so good however, that I would definitely enjoy a sequel.

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