Michael Vey

By Richard Paul Evans

Book One Cover

Plot: Michael Vey is just a normal kid… except for his very abnormal powers. Michael can “pulse” and send shock others with millions of volts. He keeps it a secret until he meets Taylor Ridley, a girl with powers like his. One day, Taylor and Michael’s mom get kidnapped by a corrupted company bent on world domination. Will he be able to stop them?

Writing: The writing quality was good, if not a little simplistic. The theory of the book is good, but a lot of the events were sudden. Michael seems a little too courageous and amazing, but the characters are generally relatable. My favorite character ended up being the villain, because he is so absolutely insane!

Age Level: People ages 12 and up would enjoy this book, but there are some gross man-eating electrified rat scenes that might be off-putting.

Overall: This series was pretty good. The plot was well-thought out and made a lot of sense, although a couple things were pretty surprising and unrealistic even for a science fiction/fantasy novel like this. (I’d explain it better but then I’d be spoiling the whole story!) I felt it was a tiny bit sexist too, because the boys had the violent shocking powers while the girls could only take away pain and read minds and such. Plus, the girls paired off the the other boy electric kids almost immediately. Otherwise, the book was amazing and I would highly recommend it.

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