Spill Zone

By Scott Westerfield

Book One Cover

Plot: “Three years ago an event destroyed the small city of Poughkeepsie, forever changing reality within its borders. Uncanny manifestations and lethal dangers now await anyone who enters the Spill Zone.The Spill claimed Addison’s parents and scarred her little sister, Lexa, who hasn’t spoken since. Addison provides for her sister by photographing the Zone’s twisted attractions on illicit midnight rides. Art collectors pay top dollar for these bizarre images, but getting close enough for the perfect shot can mean death—or worse.” -Publisher

Writing: (And drawing, in this case.) The art in this graphic novel is beautiful. I read once that a great artist can imply objects with a few strokes of the pencil, and that is definitely the case for artist Alex Puvilland. The story was interesting and exciting, and the theory is creative.

Age Level: Ages 13 and up would like this book. There are a few bad words and ghost-like things and mutants and such, but otherwise it’s okay.

Overall: This graphic novel is a really exciting adventure, not to mention a little creepy in a good way. I thought the illustrator did a good job rendering the creepiness, but the colors are a little too bright for a plot like this. Otherwise, it’s an amazing book!

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