Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

By Carlos Hernandez

Book One

Plot: Diabetic magician Sal Vidon arrives at his new school with hope for a fresh start, only to meet the ambitious and highly inquisitive Gabi Real. So inquisitive in fact, that she discover’s Sal’s secret: he can rip holes into other dimensions and pull things out, like a dead chicken to stick in a bully’s locker. One problem: These holes to other dimensions could rip apart the universe.

Writing: This book had hilarious little quips and situations that had me laughing out loud! The plot was pretty good, but it was kind of all over the place when you get further into the book. The dimensions-ripping thing is cool, but it gets really complicated at the very end… (no spoilers, I promise!)

Age Level: I would recommend this to people ages 10-14. Everything was very tame, and even some older kids might get the jokes and enjoy it.

Overall: I was so glad to find out that there is a sequel, because this book was absolutely amazing! Sal is really clever, and makes really funny comparisons and jokes, along with a couple explanations for really cool magic tricks! Plus, you get to learn some Cuban “curse” words!

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