I am Princess X

By Cherie Priest

Plot: Many years ago, Libby and May work together to create a comic masterpiece about Princess X, the ninja princess who lives in a haunted house. A couple years later, Libby dies in a car crash… or does she? A long time after her best friend dies, May glimpses a sticker with Princess X’s familiar face on it. How is that possible? Soon, May has to team up with a new friend to find out if Libby is still alive and how to help her.

Writing: This story has such an original idea. I really liked how the mystery played out, but I think it might have been solved a little too early and a little too perfectly. The characters and relationships were well-written, and the art was so beautiful that now I want a full Princess X comic book!

Age Level: … 12-16. It’s kind of a murder mystery, but other than that everything should be okay for younger readers if they can read really well.

Overall: I read this book a bunch of times, and I love how this YA book really complements the friendships between people and there was no romance or anything. It is such an original idea, and it made me wish there were really a Princess X website.

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