By Christopher Paolini

Book One Cover

Plot: Eragon is a lowly citizen in an obscure town. When he finds a shiny blue rock in the wild one day, he brings it home and discovers it is a dragon egg! Suddenly, he finds himself involved in a war to take back his oppressed country from an evil tyrant, with the help of his new dragon companion.

Writing: Christopher Paolini is an amazing author. Every event furthered the plot and added excitement to the story. However, almost every time a character speaks they go off on a monologue that is not always necessary.

Age Level: People ages 13 and over would enjoy this book. It definitely has a higher reading level and has a long, complicated plot, and there is a large amount of blood and gore.

Overall: I’d recommend this book to dragon fans or people who enjoyed Harry Potter. The characters are usually very lovable and will keep you turning pages until the end.

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