By Danielle Svetcov

Plot: Jeanne Ann has lived a hard life, but this time she is sure she has sunk to her lowest. After her single mom quits her job, the little family heads to San Francisco for a new beginning. Unfortunately, the city doesn’t turn out to be everything Jeanne Ann and her mom had hoped for. Luckily, Jeanne Ann meets a new friend who is willing to help them through poverty even if Jeanne Ann won’t accept his help.

Writing: This novel is sweet yet sad. It will really make you think about the people living on the streets, and how you can help them get back on their feet. The writing was confusing at some points, however. The characters were relatable and likable, and I was sad to have to put the book down at the end!

Age Level: 11-15 year olds would like this. The main characters are 12, but even older kids will be able to empathize with the themes in this story.

Overall: I loved this book! It was really sweet and gave me lots of hope. If these lovable characters can force their way out of homelessness, all of us can beat the Corona virus pandemic!

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