Watch Us Rise

By Renee Watson and Ellen Hagan

Plot: Young writers Jasmine and Chelsea have had enough. They are done with the way girls and women are being treated across the world, even at their “progressive” school. They decide that their voices matter, and start the Write Like a Girl club and blog. Their poems and writing catch the attention and gratitude of hundreds of people, until their male principal decides that the girls are being a little too disruptive…

Writing: I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by this book. I actually cried happy tears at some point. Everything in this book will resonate with girls and women everywhere. Everything is so relatable, and it really brings to attention all the casual, quiet racism and sexism that lives in the shadows. Renee and Ellen draw all this out into the open an explain a way to do something about it. I felt so connected to the characters, and felt all their pain and anger and injustice.

Age Level: … 13-18. I would love for younger girls to read it, but there is a lot of upsetting racist comments against the characters, and a lot of the darker parts of feminism can be a little bit traumatic for younger kids to read about. .

Overall: I got this book and finished it within about two hours. It was so captivating to read, especially the Write Like a Girl blog posts and poems. I am crazy in love with these poems, too. They are super relatable and moving. I have never been so moved by a book in my life, and it made me want to go out there and read those poems from the rooftops at the top of my lungs, and to try to make a change in my community. It even opened my eyes to issues I wasn’t even aware of.

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