By Marissa Meyer

Book One Cover

Plot: Nova Artino has hated the Renegades, a group of superheroes that is the governing power in her world, ever since they didn’t show up to save her family many years ago. Now she is bent on revenge as she infiltrates the Renegades in order to bring them down from the inside. Once initiated, she finds herself making friends and more and wonders which group is right or wrong. Continue reading “Renegades”

Keeper of the Lost Cities Legacy Tour! Shannon Messenger Author Talk

I had noticed that Legacy looked a lot shorter than Flashback, but Shannon started by reassuring the fans that Legacy is longer, they just changed around the font size a bit. The publishers were worried that if the binding had to get any bigger, it would snap!

After going to the Shannon Messenger Flashback author talk, I was really excited not only to go to this year’s tour but also to finally read book eight of this amazing series!

When I arrived at the place, I got to pick up the free signed book, (not personalized, it came with the purchase of a ticket) Then we got some swag and a raffle ticket.

Barnes&Noble Exclusive edition art!

We got front row seats again! We literally camped out for like an hour because we were so early, which was very exciting! I read the first 100 pages of Legacy by the time the event actually started! Continue reading “Keeper of the Lost Cities Legacy Tour! Shannon Messenger Author Talk”

Teen LitFest Renee Watson Author Talk

The author of many award winning books admitted that writing is definitely hard. it can be stressful even without a deadline to have to share your work if you aren’t sure it’s good enough. Renee’s advice for dealing with this anxiety is to put it on the “back burner.” Don’t think about it for a while. Then, you can go back and make it better.

Renee Watson has written many YA books, all celebrating diversity and individuality, family and friends, and loving yourself for who you are. Her books are beautiful and poetic, and I loved reading them. I was super excited to meet Renee Watson in person, and I was not disappointed!

Miss Watson has written award winning books like Piecing Me Together, Some Places More Than Others, Ways to Make Sunshine, This Side of Home, and What Momma Left Me. Continue reading “Teen LitFest Renee Watson Author Talk”

The Lunar Chronicles

By Marissa Meyer

Book 1 of the Lunar Chronicles

Plot: Marissa Meyer takes four classic fairy tales and re imagines them in a dystopian future in which humans have colonized the moon. Each of these stories connects into a string of adventures to stop the Queen of the moon and save Earth and everyone they love. Continue reading “The Lunar Chronicles”


By Neal Shusterman

Book One Cover

Plot: Humanity has advanced to the point where healing is so easy that nobody ever dies. Of course, overpopulation quickly became a problem. The solution: Humans trained in the art of killing, used to kill off the excess immortals. But what happens when some of the scythes decide that they should have the ability to destroy a lot more of the population? Continue reading “Scythe”


By Neal Shusterman and Jarrod Shusterman

Plot: In California, the drought situation had been escalating for a while. One day, the water completely runs out. Almost immediately, Alyssa’s state becomes a war zone, where people would do horrible things just for a drop of water. This book looks into human nature and what happens when a life-giving resource runs out. Continue reading “Dry”

Sherlock, Lupin, & Me

By Irene Adler

Book One Cover

Plot: “While on summer vacation, little Irene Adler meets a young William Sherlock Holmes. The two share stories of pirates and have battles of wit while running wild on the sunny streets and rooftops. When Sherlock’s friend, Lupin, joins in on the fun, they all become fast friends. But the good times end abruptly when a dead body floats ashore on the nearby beach. The young detective trio will have to put all three of their heads together to solve this mystery.” Continue reading “Sherlock, Lupin, & Me”

The Tales of Pell

By Delilah S. Dawson and Kevin Hearne

First Book Cover

Plot: “Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, a hero, the Chosen One, was born . . . and so begins every fairy tale ever told. This is not that fairy tale. There is a Chosen One, but he is unlike any One who has ever been Chosened. And there is a faraway kingdom, but you have never been to a magical world quite like the land of Pell. There, a plucky farm boy will find more than he’s bargained for on his quest to awaken the sleeping princess in her cursed tower.” Continue reading “The Tales of Pell”