Mrs. Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

By Ransom Riggs

Ages 11-16

This book may be creepy, but it is still a book that can not leave your hands until you finish the book. I bet that you will be reading with a flashlight as soon as Jacob finds the home… Some parts are very funny, but they are also some scary parts and a bit of bad language at the beginning. 

Absolutely Truly

By Heather Vogel Frederick

Ages 8-13

If you love to read, and you love a good OBOB book, then this book is for you. Truly, the tallest person in her grade has just moved to the tiny town of Pumpkin Falls. Soon, she has to work hard to save her family’s bookstore. Will she succeed? This book is sweet, funny, and suspenseful. It is fun to hear about the long drawn out history that her family has in Pumpkin Falls. No bad words or controversial topics, so it is grade for kids 8-13.